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Our Clients
Our Clients


 Set out below are examples of recent assignments. Further detail is available on request.

§  Essex County Council

§  Developed business case for establishment of Essex Cares a Local Authority Trading Company which involved the transfer of over 850 staff with a turnover of £32 million

§  Gateway Review

§  He is an accredited Review Team Leader and has led over 40 Gateway Reviews in the Health Sector.


§  Cardiff Council

§  Project manager for change management and interim support to Cardiff County Council a major business turnaround


§  Croydon Council

§  Currently leading review of in-house provider services and appropriate organisational form

§  Strategic review of residential care for older people.

§  Developing of PFI outline Business Case for approval of PFI credit over £30m for development of extra care sheltered housing and Resource Centres.

§  Project management of PFI procurement – reached financial close December 2006.


§  Major Listed Care Provider

§  Strategic futures review on older persons care business


§  London Borough of Islington

§  Option appraisal of mental health needs of older people, including demand and needs analysis and evaluation of service development options.

§  Project management in procurement of 2 Resource Centres for mental health care of older people over a 25 year Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract.

§  Supply analysis of accommodation for older people.

§  Business case for re-development of Resource Centre for physically frail older people.

§  Project management of PPP procurement of development of resource centre for older people – financial close September 2006


§  Royal Star & Garter

§  Project manager for the quality and performance improvement of a major national charity for disabled ex-servicemen and women.


§  Waltham Forest / Gwynedd Council / Carmarthenshire Council

§  Option appraisal of residential care for older people, including development of extra care housing options.


§  Southampton City Council

§  Best Value review of residential care for older people, including option appraisal.

§  Financial advice on development and procurement through PPP of older persons resource centre.


§  Portsmouth City Council

§  Financial and technical adviser to Nursing Home PPP development – reached financial close July 2009


 §  ASK Consortium

§  Financial advice to successful bidder on Pathfinder PFI scheme for Greenwich Council on development of Resource Centres for older people.


§  Healthcare Commission and Commission for Health Improvement

§  Project Director on analytical support to Clinical Governance Reviews, involved in over 30 at Acute, Mental Health Trusts and PCTs. Subsequently involved in developing Standards for Better Health toolkit.


§  Department of Health and Personal Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland

§  Various capitation research assignments on health needs of specific client groups and the impact of rurality and the troubles.


§  Leeds, Nottingham and South Staffordshire Health Economies

§  Led various health economy wide multi stakeholder option appraisals into the configuration of primary care and community health services.


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